Expand partition in Windows 2003 Server

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Info, Windows Server
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Today I had to extend the partition of a Windows 2003 Server.

In the past I did this several times with diskpart:

diskpart.exe -> list volumes
select volume [number of the partition to extend]
extend volume size=[SIZE TO EXTEND in MB]

After doing this, diskpart and the Windows Disk Management show the extended size but Windows Explorer didn’t so. A colleague pointed a KB article to me which described this behaviour.

You have type in another diskpart command (brought with SP2 – otherwise there is a hotfix):

select volume [number of the partition to extend]
extend filesystem

Now the whole space could be seen in the Explorer, too.

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  1. jingege says:

    However windows build in disk management and diskpart command do not support moving a partition, thus if there is no contiguous unallocated space, users could not extend one partition

    • Chris says:

      In SAN environments it’s common to grow up partitions and extend them. So this command is useful for this environments. However, the disk management brought by Windows Server 2008 is more powerful and allows this operations from the GUI.

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