Apply PersonalTags to CustomFolders – Exchange 2013

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Exchange 2013
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Hi folks,

with Exchange 2013 ManagedFolders are no longer supported. This feature has been replaced by RetentionTags and RetentionPolicies.
The central management of custom folders is made more diffcult. The local user can apply the RetentionPolicies manual. A workarround for centralized management is the use of Exchange Web Services.

foreach ($rtTagin$getRTResp.RetentionPolicyTags) {
if ($rtTag.DisplayName-eq”1 Month Delete”)
$NewFolder.DisplayName=”My New Folder12345″

This is an example how to create a new folder and set the RetentionPolicyTag on that folder to a UserRetentionPolicyTag called “1 Month Delete”.

(Source: MSDN Blog)



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