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If you run a multi-site DAG over subnets, it could happen, that you have anomalous database switchovers within your DAG. In the event log is triggered, that the FailoverCluster service has lost its heartbeat.

This happens because of the WAN connections latency. You could avoid this behaviour with the cluster.exe command:

cluster /prop SameSubnetDelay=2000:DWORD
cluster /prop CrossSubnetDelay=4000:DWORD
cluster /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD
cluster /prop SameSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD

Read this TechNet article for futher details.



Today I’ll post my favourite way to move user and mailbox objects across forrests.
  1. Prerequisite: Transitive AD trust, migration server running ADMT
  2. Migrate the user object with ADMT
  3. Mail enable migrated users with PowerShell

    Enable-MailUser -Identity user -ExternalEmailAddress

  4. Collect both domains’ credentials

    $LocalCredentials = GetCredential
    $RemoteCredentials = Get-Credential

  5. Prepare move with “prepare-moverequest.ps1” from Exchange servers’ scripts folder

    .\Prepare-MoveRequest.ps1 -Identity user -RemoteForestDomainController -RemoteForestCredential $RemoteCredentials -LocalForestDomainController
    -LocalForestCredential $LocalCredentials -TargetMailUserOU “OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=com” -UseLocalObject –LinkedMailUser

  6. Move mailboxes

    New-MoveRequest -identity user -RemoteLegacy -TargetDatabase MAILBOXDATABASE -RemoteGlobalCatalog -RemoteCredential $RemoteCredentials -TargetDeliveryDomain

There’s a GUI for cross-forrest-moves, too:

Cross Forrest Mailbox Move GUI

Refer to this TechNet Blog article for further details.