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Hi Folks,

in the last days I had massive problems setting up the replication of a database in a DAG.
While executing the command Add-Database Copy” following error message was generated:

[PS] C:\>Get-MailboxDatabase -Server AD-ex01 | Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy -MailboxServer AD-ex11 -ActivationPreference 2
The seeding operation failed. Error: An error occurred while performing the seed operation. Error: Failed to notify source server
‘AD-EX01.AD.customer.local’ about the local truncation point. Hresult: 0xc8000713. Error: Unable to find the file.
[Database: ex00-mdb001, Server: AD-EX11.AD.customer.local]
+ CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy], SeedInProgressException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : [Server=AD-EX01,RequestId=2e434125-4b73-4845-b42c-218aae43caf4,TimeStamp=07.10.2014 15:37:18] [FailureCategory=Cmdlet-SeedInPr
ogressException] 92042DF7,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.AddMailboxDatabaseCopy
+ PSComputerName        : AD-ex01.AD.customer.local

After trying to enable replication by turning on / off circular logging to replicate, we opened a case at Microsoft Support.

The solution provide from Microsoft Support worked:

1. Dismount database

2. Make sure the database is in “clean shutdown” state:
ESEutil /mh X:\Databases\Database.edb

If database isn’t in clean shutdown you’ve to repair it with eseutil:
Eseutil /r E00 /d: “Database Path” /l: “Log Folder Path” /s: “Log Folder Path” /a /i

3. Move away all data and folders within the Log Folder Path

4. Mount database

5. Update the Prior failed database copy

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy database\AD-EX11 -DeleteExistingFiles

After this the replication worked!

Cheers, Chris

Today I had to remove an outdated alterante FileShareWitness entry from a customers’ DAG.

Within the Exchange Management Console it’s not possible to remove but only to replace the alternate FSW – the alternate FSW must not be empty.

The solution for this problem is using ADSIEdit to remove the alternate FSW entry:

Navigate to this path:

CN=Microsoft Exchange
CN=Administrative Groups
CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)
CN=Database Availability Groups
CN=YOUR-DAG-NAME -> Right click properties

Klick “Modify” and than hit “Delete” for the follwoing attributes:




If you run a multi-site DAG over subnets, it could happen, that you have anomalous database switchovers within your DAG. In the event log is triggered, that the FailoverCluster service has lost its heartbeat.

This happens because of the WAN connections latency. You could avoid this behaviour with the cluster.exe command:

cluster /prop SameSubnetDelay=2000:DWORD
cluster /prop CrossSubnetDelay=4000:DWORD
cluster /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD
cluster /prop SameSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD

Read this TechNet article for futher details.



By default the Exchange 2010 DAG replication port is set to 64327 TCP.

You can change the port with the following command:

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity YOURDAG -ReplicationPort YOURPORT

Choose a valid value from 1 to 65535 and keep the firewall setup in mind.