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Today I’ll post my favourite way to move user and mailbox objects across forrests.
  1. Prerequisite: Transitive AD trust, migration server running ADMT
  2. Migrate the user object with ADMT
  3. Mail enable migrated users with PowerShell

    Enable-MailUser -Identity user -ExternalEmailAddress

  4. Collect both domains’ credentials

    $LocalCredentials = GetCredential
    $RemoteCredentials = Get-Credential

  5. Prepare move with “prepare-moverequest.ps1” from Exchange servers’ scripts folder

    .\Prepare-MoveRequest.ps1 -Identity user -RemoteForestDomainController -RemoteForestCredential $RemoteCredentials -LocalForestDomainController
    -LocalForestCredential $LocalCredentials -TargetMailUserOU “OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=com” -UseLocalObject –LinkedMailUser

  6. Move mailboxes

    New-MoveRequest -identity user -RemoteLegacy -TargetDatabase MAILBOXDATABASE -RemoteGlobalCatalog -RemoteCredential $RemoteCredentials -TargetDeliveryDomain

There’s a GUI for cross-forrest-moves, too:

Cross Forrest Mailbox Move GUI

Refer to this TechNet Blog article for further details.