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Today I got faced with a problem concerning a Windows Printserver. After a new printer was installed, the spooler services crashed again and again and generating registry events with ID 4097 and the source HpTcpMon (hptcpmon.dll).

After looking for changes made by the new printer, i figured out, that a new local port (HpTcpMon) was installed. To resolve this issue, I deleted the value in the registry.
1.Start Registry Editor

2. Locate  following key in the registry:

3. Check the following registry key for third-party port monitors, and remove the monitor mentioned in the event ID.

The Windows default port monitors should not be deleted. The default ports are:

AppleTalk Printing Devices (if services for Macintosh is installed)
BJ Language Monitor
Local Port
PJL Language Monitor
Standard TCP/IP Port
USB Monitor
Windows NT Fax Monitor

5. Expand Computer Management, expand Services and Applications, and then click services.

6. Right-Click Print Spooler, and then click Restart.